Prepare for our newest casino treat as it has been designed especially to make you crave for more fun and more prizes! Between April 8th and April 14th make sure you enroll in our amazing Golden Raffle, as it could bring you two fantastic prizes:

  • Tag Heuer Men’s Formula 1 White Dial Stainless Steel Watch
  • 10k Gold Diamond Journey Heart-Shaped Pendant

$50 deposit = 1 ticket

$100 deposit = 2 tickets

$500 deposit = 15 tickets

$1,000 deposit = 50 tickets

$2,500 deposit = 300 tickets

$5,000 deposit = 1000 tickets

Good luck to you all!

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* Player access is granted with a minimum $50 deposit made during the mentioned raffle timeframe;

* Every $50 deposit will award the player with one ticket.
* The raffle draw will take place on Sunday, April 14th, at 11 PM EST

* The raffle winners will be listed on the website on Monday, April 15th.

* The raffle prize will be delivered "as is" thus it cannot be replaced with winnings in monetary equivalent.

* The casino reserves the right to decline a winner based on account activity, in this case the prize being awarded to the next winner on the list.


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